An "OFFICIALLY ENDORSED" America’s Cup Bermuda (ACBDA) Service Provider

Register today for only $99.00 to access all of our offerings. We will deliver right to your boat!

Our friendly and easily recognizable staff are trained both as your delivery person and concierge for all none Super Yachts; all drivers are experienced captains and safety is foremost. We are your one stop shop and our services are endorsed by America’s Cup Bermuda (ACBDA).

Sign up today and let all these concerns drift away!

Trash Pickup

Register for garbage tags and we will pickup your garbage and recycling each morning of the event.


Ice · Cigars & Cigarettes · Alcohol · Supplies.
We deliver a full compliment of provisions directly to your boat!

Sewage Pump Out

On water Waste Water and Holding Tank service available to all our registered charters during the event.


Fresh Water

Keep your fresh water supply topped up with our fresh water delivery services.

Laundry Service

We will pickup, launder and return your clothes clean and folded directly to your charter.

Propane Delivery

Keep your BBQ running without delay, we will pick up your used tanks and deliver full ones in their place.






St. Georges

St. Georges

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Registering for services at Bermuda Yacht Vacations not only gets you access to all the underlying delivery services but gives you access to our Support team. Think 'Boat US' ..... our team is USCG trained for towing, vessel assistance and salvage.

Servicing the inshore areas of the Island, your vessel and your peace of mind is our priority, we are here to assist you in times of need. Certain services will carry additional charges.


All prices are in USD and will be charged in advanced unless otherwise indicated.

  • Trash: 7 Trash + 7 Recycling bags.
  • Fresh Water.
  • Provision Delivery.
  • Sewage Pump Out.
  • Diver Services.
  • Propane Delivery & Take Away.
  • Laundry Service.


Service registration fee is $99.00